Incubus, due to be released fall of 2016

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Frankie has no idea that her new home, the legendary Pendulum House, is haunted, a portal to another world.

Kroft is an incubus who has waited for someone like Frankie. His seduction is irresitable. He is a powerful demon who can go back in time and erase events...and people.

Matt Lawrence a psychology professor and ghost chaser is Frankie's only hope. Time is ticking as she is in danger of being erased unless she submits to Kroft.

An Except from Incubus, The Seduction

"Do you love this Jonathan?"

"No. I like him. I want to save him. But I’ve never really loved a man before."

"Never? In your whole life?"


He played his psych games with me. 

"You’re fascinating. A woman like you, who could have any man she wanted, and yet you claim you have never loved."

"Love is a useless sentiment."

"I see. But sex?"

"Sex is a biological drive, like thirst."

He grinned. "Thirsty?"

I laughed. "How about you? Ever been in love?"

"Oh, yes," he brushed the hair from my eyes.

"Started in kindergarten. Willie Gladstone. Wilamena. Beautiful blonde. Always had an extra bubble gum for me. We ran away together one afternoon. But we got hungry and went home. She and I would wander around the playground and hold hands."

He almost kissed me, his lips so tempting.

"I lost her to Gerald Snidely. He could ride a two-wheeler. Story of my life. Yes, I’ve been married twice, divorced twice, had three women live with me... Had a cat once but it moved next door. Better food I guess."

"Why do these women reject you?"

"You’re very linear, aren’t you? Direct. My wives objected to the other women I was seeing. And the women I lived with... eventually developed other plans."

"So you’re a cheat."

"That’s a harsh word. Actually they were all different. My first marriage--got married too young. Second marriage was perfect. Perfectly boring. And I didn’t fit her perfect world. She was on the ladder up and I was out picking daisies. That’s what she said. The first woman who lived with me didn’t care for my mother. The second wanted to be my mother."

He shivered and laughed.

"The third... she found a younger man. A rich younger man. So, now you have it. My life on the dance floor. But, I am ever hopeful. I am... I just love women. I love love. I love falling in love."

"That’s ridiculous."

He ignored me.

"That little boost when you hear her name or her voice. That tingle. Little electrical jolt to your heart. Lets you know you’re still alive. The first kiss, making love the first time... wow. Nothing like it."

"You’re deplorable." I was trying hard not to smile.

"You’re not the first to say that. But, when Jonathan called you, for example, and you heard his voice, didn’t you have just a little thrill? The tingle?"


"What would happen if I kissed you right now? Would you feel pleasure?" He kissed me, a surprising soft, sweet kiss.

"What?" he grinned.

"I don’t think it would be appropriate for us to have sex under the circumstances."

"The only reason to kiss is if you’re going to have sex?"


"You are a fascinating creature, Frankie."



"I’m scared. I’m never scared. But I’m scared down to my bones."

He stopped dancing and held me closer, caressing my back. "I know."

"Aren’t you going to tell me you’ll take care of me and it’ll be okay?"

"You’re much too smart for that."

"Tell me... will he win?" "I left my crystal ball in my other coat."

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