My father was a story teller. We would sit around the table after dinner and hear about the man he knew when he was seventeen who died when he unloaded bananas from a freight train and was bitten by a tarantula. We heard about his childhood in Elmira, New York and how his mother raised horseradish to provide the basics of food and shelter.

When I was four years old I began telling stories, putting on a play for the neighborhood kids. I charged a penny and gave them a cupcake. They wanted their pennies back after my play- but kept the cupcakes. I have been writing since that early time. It is something that I cannot not do, always writing little bits of dialogue or plot points on any piece of paper I can find. In a doctor’s office waiting room I once wrote an entire chapter on the mail-in subscription cards I found in the magazines.

I always fall in love with my characters, even the bad, bad monsters. I cast all of my main characters as if making a movie. They often tell me how they would say something or what they would do next. For example, in my Samantha Rose Romantic Suspense Series Tommy Lee Jones is my character U S Marshall Biggs, Gerard Butler as Jack, the bad boy Sam falls in love with, and Robert De Niro is my corrupt chief of police. Cary Grant, with his fast, funny banter (as in My Girl Friday) is my character Matthew Lawrence, a ghost chaser in my upcoming book, Incubus.

I am a graduate of St. Louis University with a degree in physical therapy (just like my main character, Sam, in the Samantha Rose series) although I never had a movie star as a patient. I live in St. Louis, Missouri with my very patient husband, two exceptional children, and two cats.

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